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Sonoo Jaiswal (Founder of

NameSonoo Jaiswal
EducationMCA, M.Tech
Native PlaceAyodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India
Current AddressNoida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Marital StatusUnmarried
CompanyTpoint Tech
Number of Employees300+
LanguageHindi, English
RegionAsia-Pecific (APAC)
Sonoo Jaiswal

Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting this page. This page is all about me - Sonoo Jaiswal (Founder of You will get exciting things about my life.


Success is all about taking new initiatives. I started developing in the year 2011. At the moment, I was providing training on Java. Meanwhile, why not spread my knowledge to the world? So, I started developing on Java using the Struts 2 framework. At that time, struts 2 was the leading web framework. I told one of my students to convert the Java programs into HTML files. He converted all the files; I added some description about the page and put it on the website.

After that, I added Spring and Hibernate, and later too many technologies. In 2013, I left the job and set up a small business in Ghaziabad, and I hired some employees on content and training. In 2 years, grew from 1 to 10 employees. In 2015, I shifted my office from Ghaziabad to Noida. In 4 years, I have achieved many things and learned a lot, and now the team size is 300+. So we are growing day by day. Our motto is to have 1000+ employees.

Why I started the

If you try to help others, God will help you surely. A student from another teacher came to me and said, sir, I asked for the slide (PPT) from my sir (I don't want to mention any name) to my sir, and he scolded me. I told him not to worry; we are nothing; we haven't made Java. We are just delivering things in a better way. Since I don't use any PPT, I will put all my notes on the web; you people can learn from there. It was to help the students. I was unaware of any business.

About Me:

What to say about myself, I don't know. I am a simple guy from childhood, keen to learn new things and implement new ideas. Never worried about what I don't have. What I have is the best thing.


If you play sports, you fail sometimes, and it teaches you to keep going. In childhood, I enjoyed playing games like I Spy, Spinning Top, Flying Kite, Badminton, and Ludo. Later on, I started playing cricket; I played cricket at the District Level, played many tournaments, and hosted one tournament. After the 12th, I left everything because I was out of home. It was not a metro city, so there was a limited scope, and my family did not support cricket so I became the career-oriented guy.

Interest in Computer:

After completing the 12th, I asked my parents to go to Allahabad for the preparation of IAS/PCS (Civil Services); I was suggested to do the BA from Saket, Ayodhya. So, I did my BA (Bachelor of Arts) from Saket College, but there was a problem with student union leaders. Everybody was talking about politics in college. The students who were not studying got the same result as the hardworking students. After completing the first year of my BA, I decided to do a computer course. Someone suggested me to do the DOEACC O Level from Faizabad (2 km from Ayodhya). They told me it would be very hard to clear the exam; I said I'd go for it.

O Level, A Level, Java Certification and MSC-IT:

During the BA 2nd Year, I started O Level computer course (4 papers: Computer Fundamentals, Business & FoxPro, Internet and C Programming). I was very happy that I am getting the result of what I am doing. After learning the O Level, I asked my teachers what's next. I was suggested for A Level (7 papers: Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Data Structures, DBMS, OS and Linux, Computer Network, C++/Java), but there was no institute of A level in Faizabad at that time. Without waiting for the result of O Level, I went to Lucknow and studied the A level.

Meanwhile, I got to know that I have one backlog in C programming. During the BA 3rd year, I studied A Level (equivalent of PGDCA/BCA). In the first 6 months, I studied the 3 papers of A level and cleared the exam of O Level. Then, in the next semester I studied the rest 4 papers. I studied in libraries with too many books at that time. I had given the exam of A level with all 7 papers. I asked with my teachers, what's next. They told me you can do .Net, CCNA, MCSE, Database Administration or Java. They told me, Java is hard to learn and there is no better institute of Java certification in Lucknow. You need to go to Delhi if you choose. I decided, I will choose the hard.

Again, without waiting for the result, I came to Delhi and learned Java. Meanwhile, I got to know that all papers of A level are cleared. I said, thank God! While doing the Java certification, I did the MSC-IT (1 year course after A Level). I did Java Certification: SCJP with 97% score, and cleared the exam of MSC-IT.

Job, MCA, M.Tech:

Now the time was to get job, it was the recession, some companies were firing the employees. I given interviews in IT companies, BPO's and Call Centers. But, I was not able to get the Job.

Then, I decided to teach Java to bear my expenses. So, I called the institute from where I did my A Level. One of its branches was in Noida (Delhi/NCR). They told me there is no such requirement, but there is a candidate who wants to learn Core .Net (C#). I said OK, I am ready. I provided the training on C# and get 1500 rupees. Then, they have given me the batch of 5 candidates on the basis of Good feedback.

After 4 months, I applied to another institute for the Java Trainer. I got selected there. During the training period, I was also doing MCA (1-year course after MSC-IT) from PTU (Punjab Technical University).

After 4 months, I received a call from another institute that we have an opening for the Java Trainer. I had given interview there. In the last round, they asked me how much do you rate yourself out of 10. I said, 9. They asked why not 10, I told them because no one is perfect in this world. They asked why 9, I told them you can ask anything on Java. They told me, we need a trainer who can provide project training on Advance Java for a college, Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, Nainital. I told them, give me a chance to go there, if there is any wrong feedback, I will quit the Job. I got selected and given project training in the college. There were around 65 students. My feedback was very good there, students of the college were too good as well. I spent almost 3 years in that institute, and also doing M.Tech, then I decided to leave the job and start my own business.


I started SSS IT Pvt Ltd for the training and development in Ghaziabad (Delhi/NCR). was the best product from where people were getting knowledge free of cost. When I moved to Noida, I promoted because it had become a well known name.

After setting up the things in Noida in 1 year, I left providing training and involved myself fully on business. I hired too many employees on content, development and training. Now, we are getting 25 to 30 million traffic in a month (1000000 daily). Side by side, I opened a Gym and a travel company and running it successfully. Actually, I don't want to be one-dimensional. There are too many eras where we can get growth in business. So, I don't hesitate about trying new things.


You can't get success without failures. After doing the 8th, I was not able to crack the entrance exam of a college. After doing the 12th, I failed in the entrance exam of BA. It happened because I was weak in General Knowledge at that time. But, I was the master of my subject.


You can't get success without struggle, determination, hard work and decision-making ability. I don't want to specify my struggle here because, in the end, result matters.

Future Aspect:

I always think: "It's just a beginning". I have to achieve more. I want to see my growth endless. It's not my dream to touch the sky, I want to go beyond the sky. Finally, I would like to say, It's just the beginning.

Belief in God:

I have a strong belief in the existence of God. I think we are made of energy. One day, we will lose our energy (Aatma in Hindi), and it will go to the God again (Parmatma in Hindi).

About Success:

Everybody has different thoughts on Success. What are the key points to get successful? Luck! May be but not all the time. There are a lot of factors that makes a person successful: positive thinking nature, your goal: you must know what do you have to do in life, decision-making ability, your working nature in setback and failures, time management: what are you doing now and what will you do in future, ready to take risks, and innovative ideas.

Being ideal defines your success.

At the end:

Death is the bitter truth of life and it is the universal truth. But, before this, I have to do something inspiring, and be an ideal.

Be My Friend:

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Sonoo Jaiswal Sonoo Jaiswal

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